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Summer trip to Pittsburgh

Spring 2017 55th Anniversary Cruise to Bermuda

Our more recent trips

Spring 2016 Trip to Mohonk and FDR Place

Spring 2016 Cruise to Caribbean

Summer Cruise to the Baltics and Norway, August 2015

Family Cruise to Caribbean, June 2015.

Anne's Fifty-Fifth High School Reunion

2013 Fall Trip to Quebec

2013 Trip across the Atlantic

2012 Trip to South America

Todd and Katie's Wedding

Anne's Fiftieth High School Reunion

Bob Koch's Retirement, October, 2011

Trip to Bahamas, February 2011

Trip to China, August 2010

Trip to Caribbean, December 2009

Trip to Bermuda, June 2009

Trip to Hawaii, Australia,and New Zealand, Nov. 2008

Trip to Florida, Mar. 2008

The web sites I run:

Stay at Home in Wilton

Wilton Grange

The Encore Club

Wilton CERT

Yale Class of 1957 Project

Wilton Commons

The Grandmas and Grandpas Quartet

Westport United Mehtodist Church Adjunct Site

Classic Wilton Kiwanis

Classic Wilton Treblemakers

Classic Wilton's Red Hat Society

Classic Norwalk/Wilton AARP

Classic Ambler Farm

Classic AHSOW

Classic Westchester Chordsmen

Classic Comstock Computer Learning Center

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Family Activities

Real Old Photos, 1964 - 1966

Old Photos, 1966 - 1991

Trip to Spain, September 2007

Anne's Trip to Puerto Rico, March 2007

Caribbean Trip, January 2007

Ruth's Compendium of the Quimby Family Pictures

Florida Trip, August 2006

Katrina's Birthday, March 2006

To the Southern Caribbean, Dec. 2005

Andrew's Wedding

Geneva and Wilton Homes, and Nathan Hale

Visit Captain's Cove, Bridgeport, July, 2004

Our trip to visit Annabel and Bob, June, 2004

The Convention in Louisville, KY, July, 2004

Our day trip to Piermont, NY, June, 2004

Our short trip to Cape Cod, March, 2004

Our River Trip in Europe, November, 2003

My High School Reunion in CA, Sept. 2003

Our Sojourn South, March/April, 2003

The clown in the family

Anniversary Trip to Nova Scotia

Anne's Birthday, December 1, 2000

Chuck and Kathleen's Wedding, 5/26/01

Bridget and Bill's Wedding, October 2, 1999

Wilton in Winter

Chuck's and Bill's Abodes

Todd's new house

H.M.S. Pinafore - 3/22-23/02

Trip to Hawaii and West Coast, January, 2002

Bermuda Trip, August 2001

Italian Trip 2000

Panama Canal Cruise 2000

West Coast Tour 2000

Alaska Chorus Cruise 2000

Korea Trip 2000

Russian Trip 1999

Caribbean Chorus Cruise 1999

Bolton Landing 1998

Myrtle Beach, SC November, 2000

Bolton Landing Festival 2000

Mission at the Eastward 2000

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