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Grange Hall

Constructed in 1899 as a community building for the area known as Cannondale, the building at 25 Cannon Road served as a convenient location for Cannon Grange’s first meetings. Cannon Grange has met continuously in this building since 1899. In March 1933, the building was purchased by Cannon Grange and the mortgage was burned in 1939.

Within the national and state Grange associations, it is common for local granges to own a building – generally called a Hall – to be used for meetings. Many such buildings are interesting historic structures and Cannon Grange Hall is one of the best. Learn more about the historic construction of the Hall.

The Hall is located in the Cannondale section of Wilton at 25 Cannon Road just east off of Route 7 (Danbury Road). The Hall is a very short distance from Route 7 on the south side of Cannon Road between the railroad track and the Norwalk River.

One of the main objectives and financial obligations of Cannon Grange is upkeep of this historic building. Capital improvements are funded with contributions from the community, the Grange’s annual Agricultural Fair, and Hall rentals.

New Crosswalk

Letter to the Police about Crosswalk: Dear Lt. Brennan:

On behalf of the members of Cannon Grange, the neighborhood residents and commercial stores of the historic Cannondale Village, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for facilitating the fulfillment of the Grange’s request for a cross-walk over Cannon Road in front of the Grange Hall to the Village stores. From my initial conversation with Captain John Lynch in April, 2012 about the feasibility of a cross-walk, through the traffic study period to validate the efficacy of a cross-walk which you conducted, and culminating with the approval by the Police Commissioners, it has been our pleasure to work with you on this important safety project. The cross-walk is a welcome feature for those persons wishing to safely cross Cannon Road either to enjoy the river view by the Grange Hall, or for the employees & visitors at the commercial building behind the Grange Hall to walk over to the Metro North train station or to the village stores and restaurant. Especially, our party renters and attendees to our annual Agricultural Fair can now safely cross Cannon Road as they come and go during the respective event.

Many thanks to you and to the other Officers who assisted with the traffic study last Summer, and to you for presenting the cross-walk request to Chief Michael Lombardo and the Police Commissioners last Fall. All of us at Cannon Grange are very pleased with the resulting cross-walk line-striping and signage installed this Spring.

Sincerely, Donald A. Offinger, President

Renting the Hall for special occasions.

The Hall was originally built as a community center and when it was acquired by the Cannon Grange in 1933, it continued to be available to community groups and others. The interior of the Grange Hall is unique: floor, walls and ceilings are all tongue & groove hardwood. The windows are all 7 feet high with original antique glass panes. Three ceiling fans keep the interior cool. The function space measures 60' x 30'. There is a permanent stage that measures 16' wide and 12' deep. A large projection screen, 10' x 12' is on the back wall above the stage. WiFi service is available.

The kitchen is includes a commercial gas-fired 6-burner range with two large ovens, with exhaust hood, two refrigerators, stainless steel work table and 3-bay stainless steel sink. The two separate bathrooms were fully renovated with new fixtures, walls and floor and lighting in 2009. The historic Cannon Grange Hall is the perfect venue for:
  • wedding receptions
  • anniversaries
  • birthday parties
  • bridal and baby showers
  • School Groups
  • Sport Team Parent Booster Kick-off meetings
  • Sport Team end-of-season Banquets
  • business seminar meetings
  • parent organizations
  • discussion groups
  • Tournament space for competitions in
    • Scrabble
    • Chess
    • Cribbage
    • Bridge
The rental period is for an entire day and evening, we do not rent by the hour, or portion of the day. This allows for a convenient and non-rushed set-up and clean-up for your party. Click for a sample Certificate of insurance, which is a required part of the rental package. To inquire about rental of the Hall, either contact any Cannon Grange member, click here to get rental information and application, or write to: