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How we got here.
The G & Gs have a interesting evolution beginning with Anne and Jean singing in the Sweet Adeline chorus then known as the YankeeMaids. In 1997, Al decided that there should be a men's group to entertain at various functions, and contacted four other husbands that were singers, forming the group that became known as the YankeeMates.

After a couple of years, the men of the YankeeMates said "Why not do something with our wives?" So the ten folks got together to do mostly Christmas songs to be performed at nursing homes, and then later added some hymns to be sung at our churches during the summer. Naturally, we called ourselves the Maids and Mates, or M & M's for short ("candy for the ear"). After a few more years, three of the couples moved away, so we were left with just two couples who still wanted to sing.

Since the departure of the three men eliminated the YankeeMates, and the chorus decided to change its name to Harmony on the Sound, Maids and Mates didn't make sense any more. Recognizing that both couples were also busy enjoying their grandchildren, we decided to call ourselves the Grandmas and Grandpas, a take-off on the name of the former group, The Mamas and the Papas. So was born the G & G's in 2003.

We still focus on nursing homes and similar residences at Christmas, and churches in the summer, but we have branched out to do other gigs including Singing Valentines -- a package delivered on Valentine's day consisting of two love songs, a beautiful red rose and an audio tape of the encounter. These are frequently done at the recipient's office to maximize the impact.

The G & G's are available to provide entertainment for any type of gathering. Check our repertoire to see the songs we can sing for you. For further information, contact us at

Satisfied Audiences

Wilton, CT Congregational Church
Fairfield Grace Methodist Church
Silverwoods, Orange, CT
The Greens, Wilton, CT
Waveny Care, New Canaan, CT
Sunrise Living, Wilton, CT
Carollton, Fairfield, CT
Encore Club, Wilton, CT
Norwalk, CT Senior Center
Meadow Ridge, Georgetown, CT
United Church, Rowayton, CT
Congregational Church, Orange, CT
Parrish Court, Fairfield, CT
Lourdes Health Center, Wilton, CT
Senior Center, Berlin, CT

Plus over Fifty Valentine Recipients

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