Sixth Birthday Party, April 2016

Stay at Home in Wilton Celebrates 6 Years

Not too many were staying at home on Tuesday, April 26th, over sixty people stopped by Comstock Community Center to celebrate Stay at Home in Wilton’s 6th Anniversary! The room was filled with conversation and laughter as members, volunteers, donors, and guests connected and reflected on stories and memories they shared the past year.

Stay at Home in Wilton President, Barbara Quincy, thanked everyone for coming and being a part of an organization that helps people stay active, connected and together in Wilton. One of Stay at Home's newest members, Sam Halsey said he looks forward to these events because they provide an occasion for him to reconnect with lifelong friends, like Nea Martin. Sam added, “I have known Nea for more than 55 years.” In a society where adult children often move away, people more than ever want to stay connected to their communities as they age. They are living longer, and have more leisure time, disposable income, educational opportunities, and mobility than any generation before.

Stay at Home in Wilton is one of many volunteer-supported organizations across the county that offers practical and social benefits to help seniors stay conveniently, comfortably and affordably in their own homes and connected to the communities where they have raised their families and planted roots.

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Above pictures by Debbie McClelland.