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Supporting an Independent Lifestyle for Wilton Seniors

  • In 2010, a volunteer group of neighbors sought to help seniors live more comfortably in Wilton. The founders established a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping seniors stay active, healthy and connected in Wilton, the town where they had established roots.

  • Stay at Home in Wilton is a community within a community in which seniors can share the pleasures of life with their peers, and enjoy activities that make sense for them. For a moderate fee, members can enjoy the services through the support of an Executive Coordinator who is one phone call away.
    • Home Repairs
    • Household Assistance
    • Technology Help
    • Educational Seminars
    • Friendly Visitor Program
    • Rides
    • Social Activities
    • Special Events
    • List of Vendors

  • Volunteers and paid providers are vetted and carefully screened.

  • Stay at Home in Wilton is part of the Village Movement. The Village Movement started in Beacon Hill, Massachusetts in 2003. Across the county, neighbors began helping neighbors “age in place” with transportation, simple home repairs and tasks, and offering friendly connections. By 2016, more than 350 villages had opened or were in development around the country.