Services and Support
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Services and Support Available:

    The primary service of STAY AT HOME IN WILTON is to connect people with those that can help them as we implement our objective in Supporting an Independent Lifestyle for Wilton Seniors. The following list of example services encompasses a broad range of potential services that will be made available to the members through the use of volunteers and other contractors as organized by the coordinator.

    When volunteers are used, they will be assigned by the coordinator for each task. When contractors are used by members, the contractors will be recommended by the coordinator, but the business relationship will be between the member and the contractor. There will be follow-up by the coordinator to assure that members are satisfied with the service received. Volunteers who provide these services will not be compensated.

    Information Services:
    • If you have a question, call the coordinator for a solution

    Emergency Planning
    Household Services:
    Simple problems solved by Stay at Home volunteers without cost. Contacts for more complicated problems can be arranged by the Coordinator using suggested vetted Vendors (at member's cost)
    • Home repairs and safety adaptation
    • Change light bulbs
    • Home office:
      • computer problem solving
      • filing
      • record keeping
    • Home safety survey
    • Help with pets
    • Household cleaning

    Regular set of Social Activities:
    • Parties
    • Concerts
    • Seminars
    • Instruction Sessions

    Medical support through Visiting Nurse Services can be arranged (at member's cost).
    Provided by Town of Wilton services or Stay at Home volunteers:
    • Individual and group rides to:
      • doctors
      • friends
      • shopping
      • local errands
      • cultural events
      • social activities
    • The Town's Dial-a-Ride service within the Town is available week days from 9:15AM - 11:30AM and 1:15 p.m. - 3:30 p.m. by scheduling the previous day at (203) 834-6235 and costs $1.50 per ride.
    • Rides are provided free by Stay at Home in Wilton throughout the entire week to Wilton and nearby Towns, but scheduling at least a day ahead is highly recommended.

    Examples of other services
    provided by Stay at Home volunteers:
    • Pick up prescriptions
    • Mail a package
    • Wait with member to meet a new vendor
    • Take a computer to be repaired
    • Friendly volunteer visit
    • Regular member social activities