Success Stories
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Support to Members

Stay at Home in Wilton has been in operation for over six years and we have been able to help our members out in a number of different ways:
  • A volunteer was asked to pick up a member and take her to her doctor's office for a brief appointment, and then take her back home. When the member was seen by the doctor, the doctor felt is was urgent for her to go to the hospital emergency room. Although the volunteer didn't expect this, he took the member to the hospital emergency room, and waited even longer to take her home from there.

  • A volunteer was asked to help get a member's clothes drier working. When he got there, he found that the exhaust pipe running 70 feet under the house was completely blocked. He could have then suggested bringing a contractor, but the volunteer sensed the member wanted to get clothes done quickly, so he crawled under the house and cleaned out the entire pipe so it worked and in so doing eliminated a very real fire hazard.

  • Unfamiliar with home repairs and maintenance, a member whose husband passed away recently was in a quandary as to how and who to hire to remove a partition her husband had installed in their garage. Our Executive Coordinator sent a volunteer to offer guidance and help. Not only did the volunteer tackle the job himself, he hauled away the wood and debris and swept the garage clean. To our memberís delight, her former two car garage was fully restored.

  • "She not only drove us expertly and punctually but came back this morning bringing my cane which I had left in her car. What a wonderful and caring person. She deserves all the kudos we can give."

  • "I am delighted to renew my membership and take this opportunity to thank your staff and volunteers. May your organiztion continue to grow and serve all the seniors who need help in remaining in their homes. I thank you for all you do!"

  • A volunteer twice drove a member to his dentist. The second time, he had a tooth extraction and his wife came along. They are both in their nineties, she uses a wheeled walker. After the appointment, the wife asked to stop at the Village Market so she could do some shopping. She was asked how Stay at Home was treating them and she used every possible compliment. She said that "every night when she goes to bed she thanks the Lord for Stay at Home" and that they could not stay in their home without us.

  • Stay at Home in Wilton is my family. I have no family in Connecticut and my friends are also gone or have moved away. I could not stay in my house without Stay at Home in Wilton. They provide my transportation to many doctor appointments. My driver isnít just a driver Ė she is a "friend". One volunteer takes me grocery shopping, to CVS, doctor appointments, for a haircut, etc. every Thursday and we go out for lunch also. I save up my shopping for our Thursday outing.

  • "I appreciate all that Stay at Home in Wilton has done. It is such a pleasure to have you all in my life - such a wonderful, caring network of dedicated people."

  • Stay at Home in Wilton has helped me get acquainted in Wilton. I moved here from out of state and knew no one other than my daughter in Fairfield and my son in Ridgefield. I have not only made friends thru Stay at Home in Wilton but they have introduced me to places to visit in Wilton Ė The Wilton Playshop, Woodcock Nature Center, Merwin Meadows for a picnic, Wilton High School for an evening of music, etc. Stay at Home in Wilton drives me to doctor appointments and now my 3x/week rehab sessions. They are my connection to my new town.

  • Stay at Home in Wilton is my "safety net". I know they are there if I need them.

  • A couple who had almost decided not to renew their membership, are now realizing the membership benefits. First, she became unable to drive due to macular degeneration. Then he was diagnosed with cancer. Their whole life changed as they could no longer drive. They had always picked up their mail at a post office box, took their garbage to the town transfer station, and did their own house cleaning. Our Executive Coordinator arranged for someone to install a mail box, suggested a hauler to pick up their garbage and found a house cleaning service, all of which have worked out well. In the meantime, volunteer drivers continue to provide rides for doctor and hospital visits as well as grocery shopping. At Christmas time, a volunteer delivered an artful holiday flower arrangement and cookies. At the time, she said "we would not be able to stay in our house without Stay at Home".

  • A volunteer came over and restored the computer after searching out the culprits! Fantastic and so good to be able to get it working properly. Kudos for the volunteer!!!!

  • "I came home with a broken pelvis in three places", she said, "You don't know what tomorrow brings and as we get older we never know what our needs are going to be. I know Stay at Home in Wilton is there for me when I may need help. I had eye surgery and couldn't drive for awhile. Stay at Home provided my transportation during that time."

  • "Thank you for all the care and help you give my parents. Keep up the good work."

  • "By the way, many congratulations on the Fairfield County Foundation Grant. All I can say is it's about time. I firmly believe that each and every senior should be a member of Stay at Home in Wilton."

  • When a member's toilet began leaking badly, our coordinator assigned a volunteer to check it out. He was able to replace the parts and get it working again. Instead of paying a plumber (or two) for all the travel and expense, this member had to only pay for the parts. In thanks, the member said, "Sometimes it's the little things that really make a big difference."

  • "Thank you for responding to my emails and giving me such a lift.."

  • "Stay at Home in Wilton has enabled me to remain in my own home after 40 plus years instead of moving into an assisted living arrangement. I donít have to give up my neighbors. Whether it is getting a ride to the pharmacy or changing a light bulb, it's comforting to know that the Coordinator will handle it. Iíve also enjoyed some fun lunches and mini trips."

  • "Iím glad to hear my father went to the Coffee gathering for the guys. Youíre doing a great job organizing events and having helpful and appropriate services in place. Iím so grateful Stay at Home in Wilton is available to my parents Ė it makes me feel less concerned and worried about their situation".

  • "I encourage every senior in town to become a member of Stay at Home in Wilton because it is true: there is no place like home."

  • "I like the ease of getting names of trades people, knowing that they will be screened, reliable and good workers".

  • "I enjoy keeping up with friends through planned events, and have peace of mind knowing a volunteer will drive me to the doctor".

  • Another member, who can't drive, called the coordinator to make arrangements for her to go regularly to the YMCA for swimming aerobics. The coordinator found a volunteer who was able to arrange her schedule to transport the member weekly to and from the YMCA sessions. Subsequently, when this member broke her arm, the volunteer made weekly grocery shopping trips for her.

  • During an early snow storm, a daughter of a member could not reach her father and called Stay at Home for help. It was quickly determined that the member indeed did not have any telephone access working, but the coordinator found the member at the local library and reported to him about his daughter's concern, and then called the daughter to report that all was well.

  • Two members requested help with computers that wouldn't print. A volunteer diagnosed both problems and got the print functions operating properly.

  • A member had a wireless door bell that didn't work. A volunteer tested both the sending and receiving unit, and managed to get it working.

  • The Executive Coordinator recalls that a member called her and said, "My birthday is tomorrow and I don't have anyone to celebrate it with." The coordinator continues: "I found out that the Wilton Senior Center meeting room was available, I sent a notice by email to those members that have it, I called other members that don't have email, I arranged for a cake and juice, and we had an instant party with about 25 people." Later on, the member, in thanks for the party, mentioned "Stay at Home is now my family in Wilton, so it was great to have a party with my family."

  • A couple recently joined Stay at Home after surveying several nearby Congregate Living and Assisted Living facilities. They decided that they much preferred staying in their own home that they loved and had been in for many years, and found that the yearly fee for Stay at Home to be far less than the cost of any of the alternatives. Besides, they didn't want to loose their connection to friendships that they had built up over the years, but were concerned about fixing the little things that crop up in their house.

  • A member had arranged to go to a relative's place for Thanksgiving dinner. He had set up a ride with Stay at Home to the train station for that morning. When they got to the station, they found they had missed the train, and the next train was too late. Not wanting to ruin a family's get together for the holiday, the Stay at Home driver set out for the member's destination in New York City. It worked out that one of the relatives could meet them half way, so the entire Holiday was not lost for the driver either.

  • Recent storms have caused many shoveled walkways to freeze into treacherous fall hazards. Ice melt is an excellent answer but it is heavy and difficult to carry. A volunteer drove to the hardware store, purchased ice melt for two of our members and delivered it to the door. Thanks to him, they are safer at home.

  • A volunteer recognized that all our member might need Ice Melt for the winter, arranged for the Ridgefield Hardware to supply bags of it, and got the Cub Scouts to deliver it.

  • An 86 year old member found herself without a working front porch light. She feared getting on a ladder herself. A volunteer was called and replaced the bulb within 15 minutes, before the sun set.

  • A member was hospitalized and was in rehab. The medical support hospital liaison was in touch to ensure the transition to her home was a smooth one.

  • A member had problems with a fuse blowing on her cable TV interface box. The Cable TV company couldn't help, but one of our vendors, Lucci Electric, was able to solve her problem over the telephone.

  • A member who is also a volunteer driver, had a light burn out in her cathedral ceiling fixture. Not wishing to climb a high ladder to replace it, she called Stay at Home, and one of our volunteers quickly fixed it.