To encourage fellowship among its members through group social activities and through the operation of a fund raising event for local community agencies, that engage in civic, artistic and educational activities for the public good, no part of the net earnings of which would benefit any individual.


The regular meeting of the Encore club shall be the monthly luncheon meeting and shall be held September through May unless cancelled by the Executive Board. At this meeting Directors shall report to inform members of all activities.

The Executive Board shall meet monthly from august through May or when deemed necessary. The May luncheon meeting shall be considered the Annual Meeting of Encore Club.


Open to all women residents in the area. Membership is required in order to partake in the Club's activities with the exception of the monthly luncheons and coffees. Guests will be welcome at other activities at the discretion of the hostess.


Dues shall be payable upon joining the club and thereafter at the Annual Meeting in May. Yearly membership dues are $30 as of May 2002. For anyone joining after January I of a membership year, the dues shall be $15.


Shall consist of the following elected officers:
  • President,
  • Vice-President,
  • Recording Secretary,
  • Newsletter Coordinator, and
  • Treasurer; and
  • the Directors of Activities,
  • Luncheon Programs,
  • Luncheon Coordinator,
  • Luncheon Reservations,
  • Publicity,
  • Historian, and
  • Ways and Means.


  1. Officers of the Encore Club shall be: President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, Newsletter Coordinator, and Treasurer.

  2. They shall perform duties usually required of such officers.

  3. It shall be the duty of the outgoing officers to train new officers so that the Club will continue to function smoothly.

  4. Upon completion of the President's term, the Vice-President automatically assumes the office of President.


  1. The list of candidates for office shall be drawn up by the Nominating Committee, which shall consists of five members selected by the Executive Board, two from their own membership, one of whom shall be the incoming President, and three from the general membership. This shall be done at the January Board meeting.

  2. At the February meeting, three months prior to the Annual Meeting in May, the chairman of the Nominating Committee shall present a list of the candidates. Nominations for each office may then be made from the floor with the consent of the nominee. The proposed slate shall then be published in the March newsletter.

  3. The official vote shall be taken at the March meeting.

  4. Installation of officers will be held at the Annual Meeting in May.

  5. A vacancy in any office shall be filled by a majority vote of the Executive Board, with the exception of the Presidency, which is automatically filled by the Vice-President.


  • President: Preside at all meetings of the club. Preside at all meetings of the Executive Board. Shall appoint all Directors who serve on the Executive Board. If for any reason the Treasurer is unable to pay bills which have been approved by the Executive Board, the President shall have the authority to do so.

  • Vice President. Shall serve as prospective membership chairman and perform other duties as requested by the President.

  • Recording Secretary: Shall keep minutes of Executive Board, and shall be responsible for Board correspondence.

  • Newsletter Coordinator. Shall be the Newsletter Editor and publish the Membership Directory.

  • Treasurer: Shall collect all dues and fees for the club. Shall have charge of all funds and pay all bills. Shall report at regular meetings, all receipts, expenditures and bills outstanding. Treasurer's books shall be reviewed yearly prior to handing them over to her successor. Shall also be responsible for maintaining an up-to-date roster of the club's membership.


To be appointed by the Executive Board as deemed necessary.


To enjoy the fellowship of the members and to help support the annual fund raiser for local community agencies.


The quorum at a Board Meeting shall be a simple majority. A quorum at the monthly luncheon meeting shall be 20% of the membership.


Shall be printed in each Membership Directory.

XIII Amendments to the By-Laws

These By-Laws may be amended by a 2/3 vote of the board at any regular board meeting provided notice of the proposed change(s) is given to the Board 30 days prior to the meeting at which the vote is taken.

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