In early 2005, the Wilton Kiwanis Board of Directors decided that the club should have a Hall of Honor as a permanent tribute to members who have served the club in an outstanding manner, and who embodied those character traits which we consider as essential to a true Kiwanian.

The potential for a Hall of Honor was stimulated by the thoughts of Tom Donahue's long term commitment to Wilton Kiwanis, having served the Club faithfully over the entire span of its history. In addition, Tom personifies the character traits of an ideal Kiwanian. Therefore, it was decided to establish this award in his name, to designate Tom as the first inductee, and to use him as a model against which future inductees would be judged.


In order to qualify for Membership in the Wilton Kiwanis Hall of Honor and for the Tom Donahue Award, a member must meet the following criteria:
  1. The member must embody to a satisfactory degree the character, ideals, and principles of Tom Donahue, which include leadership, personable behavior, courtesy, kindness, sincerity, integrity, and a sense of humor.

  2. The member must have been active in the Wilton Kiwanis Club for at least ten years.

  3. The member must have compiled an outstanding record of participation and service for the Club.

  4. The member must be elected by a unanimous vote of the Club's Board of Directors, based on recommendation of a nominating committee. This committee will be appointed annually by the President, and will consist of Hall of Honor members after there have been at least four added to the Hall.

  5. The serving president and immediate past president are not eligible in the year following their term of office to avoid this becoming an automatic past president's award.
No more than three designees may be elected in any one year, and it is not necessary that any be elected in any particular year.

The Tom Donahue Awards to new members of the Hall of Honor will be announced at a special meeting of the club not associated with business reports or elections. There will be a permanent plaque with all of the Hall's honorees named, which will occupy an honored position in our meeting place, and plaques recognizing the Tom Donahue Award will be given to all honorees for their homes.

Members of the Wilton Kiwanis Hall of Honor

The members of the Wilton Kiwanis Club named below have served the club faithfully for at least ten years and embody the best characteristics of true Kiwanians as epitomized by Tom Donahue; established in 2005.

NameDate Honored
Tom Donahue*January, 2005
John Mannix*October, 2006
Judy ZuckerOctober, 2006
Ralph WebberSeptember, 2008
Dave SchmittSeptember, 2010
Tom Fleming*September, 2010
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