Wilton Urgent Notification Email List


The Wilton Kiwanis Club has established a town wide email list, to allow Wilton Town officials to notify members of the public of urgent and emergency information. Some examples would be to let you know about the fire that had closed Route 7 for several hours, or about the planned closings of Route 7 for road construction. It may also be used as another notification method for school closings. Perhaps more importantly, it will be available as part of the emergency preparedness process to notify you of any environmental or terror threats that might occur. It will be used very infrequently, but enough for you to know it is working.


This group will be used exclusively to notify Wilton citizens of any urgent information. Only authorized Town officIals will be able to send messages. This group is being run by the Wilton Kiwanis Club as a free public service for the benefit of all who live or work in Wilton. Since only a selected set of officials can post to the group and since attachments to messages will not be allowed, viruses and spam should not be a problem.

Our best efforts will be made to provide timely distribution of messages and to guard the security of the group. However, since this email list function is provided automatically by Yahoo, THIS SERVICE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", AND THE KIWANIS CLUB EXPRESSLY DISCLAIMS ANY RESPONSIBILITY OR ANY LIABILITY FOR EITHER DELAYED DISTRIBUTION OF MESSAGES OR SECURITY BREACHES.

Joining the Group

See special instructions below if you use a web based email service like Yahoo, MSM, Gmail or Hotmail. Otherwise, to subscribe to the group, click on the link below, which will create a blank email message. Nothing needs to be added to the message. Just click to send that message. Shortly thereafter, you will receive a confirmation request (IF YOU HAVE A SPAM / JUNK MAIL PROTECTOR, CHECK BELOW.). This confirming request message is to assure that you are not being erroneously subscribed. Just click the reply button on your email program and send the message without change. Shortly after that, you will receive another message confirming your membership and describing the way the group works. Now to join, just click the link below and send the email:

Subscribe to wiltonct list at wiltonct-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

DO NOT SELECT the Yahoo option for only SPECIAL MESSAGES, because none will be sent that way.

Spam/Junk Protector

Many email programs have spam or junk mail protection. It is possible that the confirming message mentioned above will not be delivered to you because of these protectors. If the confirmation request doesn't reach you within a minute or two, please check to see that these protection programs will allow the return messages. Also, check that all [wiltonct] messages will be allowed to reach you.

Special Instruction for users of Web Based email services such as Yahoo Mail or Hotmail. You will need to create an email message on your email providers web site, and then copy the address below and paste it in as the To: address for the message. Then send it. The rest of the instructions above then apply. The address is:


If, at any time, you desire to leave the group, just click on the link below and send the resulting email message:

Unsubscribe from wiltonct list at wiltonct-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

This unsubscribe address will also be at the bottom of every email message.

If your email address changes, just unsubscribe from the old address and subscribe from the new address.

Send any questions to: wiltonct-owner@wiltonkiwanis.org

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