How to catch up or pay AHSOW Dues Online

Current paid-up AHSOW members are NOT to use this page for renewal dues unless you are members of an affiliate organization.

Society members (SPEBSQSA) AHSOW renewal dues are now handled as part of the normal Society membership renewal process.

Affiliate members (BABS, SNOBS, AAMBS, NZAMBS, etc) can pay their AHSOW renewal dues using the PayPal procedure described below. Just click on the $10 dues payment block below.

You may also choose to write and mail a $10 or $20 check to Rod Sparks, 1306 Berrywood Lane, Houston, TX 77077-2906. Canadian members wishing to catch up should go to, type "Canadian exchange rate" into the search space, click on that option when it comes up, multiply the current quarterly exchange rate by the U.S. funds required, and make out a check for the proper amount in Canadian dollars. Just mail that amount in Canadian funds to Rod Sparks, 1306 Berrywood Lane, Houston, TX 77077-2906 and he'll deposit it into AHSOW's Canadian bank account.

If you wish to recoup your original year of induction, or any other questions about when your AHSOW membership lapsed, write to the informatiopn manager.

When you click on one of the PayPal logos below, a new browser session will be started and you will go to the PayPal website. Note, PayPal can now be used from countries other than the US.

If you already have a PayPal account, just sign in to pay your dues. Otherwise, just follow the payment process which will require you to enter your name, credit card number and email address. When you are finished you will return here.

Please don't click on the PayPal logo a second time; just return to the home page by clicking on the Return to AHSOW home page line below. Please DON'T use your browser back button. After clicking the PayPal button, you can still abort the process before the sign-up is done by just closing the PayPal browser session, and you will come back here.

Please note, several AHSOW members have carefully examined this PayPal process, and find it to be very reliable and secure. However, as with any Internet process, there can be no absolute guarantees against mischief.

Please contact either PayPal or Rod Sparks if you have any difficulty.

Click here to pay $10 annual dues.

Click here to pay $20 for two years' dues.

Updated 7/4/10
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