Becoming an AHSOW Member

Men who have qualified for AHSOW membership have formally demonstrated their proficiency at an intricate part of Barbershopping and have earned access to a much-wider circle of friendly acquaintances with whom to sing. To make chords ring, woodshedders are constantly obliged to listen, tune and adjust to three other singers who have the same goal. Woodshedding properly can help make a better Barbershopper out of anybody -- even if he's already good.

AHSOW members are fully committed to promotion of our art form and with "making a difference." Great fanfare is called for when a man achieves AHSOW membership. For one thing, he has demonstrated his proficiency at a craft that requires unique abilities. Second, although many Barbershoppers strive for success on the Contest stage, there is only one "winner" per Contest. Only a select few of us can ever hope to earn a Gold Medal.

Men achieving membership in AHSOW are awarded a "Woodshedding Medal" -- a large yellow badge, with their name on it in big letters. They can wear their Yellow Medal at any Barbershop function and be recognized for the very real skills that they have demonstrated in the presence of "judges" (their AHSOW qualifying team). An AHSOW badge is a source of pride, new friends, and increased opportunities to sing with more fellows at practically any Barbershop function where other confirmed woodshedders can be found.

You may try out for membership during International Convention week, at Harmony College, at the Mid-Winter Convention, at your District's Fall or Spring conventions (plus some Divisionals), and at authorized AHSOW gatherings or opportunities specially arranged through your AHSOW District Educator and Certifier (DEC). Click here for a list of Educators and Certifiers.

* You must be a current member of SPEBSQSA or a male member of one of SPEBSQSA's officially recognized overseas affiliates.

* You must sing at least two harmony parts of your choice (Tenor, Bari or Bass) to three or more melodies not of your own choosing. You must satisfactorily demonstrate your proficiency (generally 75% accuracy, at minimum, with good instincts) to the certifier.

* All woodshedders should be able to sing melodies when called upon. You are urged to learn several lyrics and melodies from our reference lists, from our pocket-sized folios of melodies, or by rote from longer-term AHSOW members.

At International Conventions, SPEBSQSA generously provides a special room for our activities. Attractive AHSOW shirts are available for purchase. As a member, regular AHSOW bulletins, and special mailings concerning AHSOW gatherings or events.

Initial membership costs a total of $10 initiation fee for which you receive your personalized membership badge (which may be made at the time you qualify) and a pocket folio of melodies. Replacement badges cost $1 each. After joining, membership dues of $10 per year will be billed as part of your SPEBSQSA renewal. This inital fee of $10 also includes your partial year dues until your normal Society renewal date. Affiliate members will be billed separately.

No further auditions are required to maintain AHSOW membership if renewals are continued. Note that continued membership in SPEBSQSA or one of the affiliate organzations IS a requirement for renewal of AHSOW membership.

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