List of AHSOW Members

Men who have qualified for AHSOW membership have formally demonstrated their proficiency at an intricate part of Barbershopping and have earned access to a much-wider circle of friendly acquaintances with whom to sing.

To help you maintain these acquaintances, below is the current AHSOW directory: This is provided in Portable Document Format so that it can viewed, printed and saved easily on all computers. To view this, you will need the FREE document reader provided by Adobe. If you do not have the reader already installed in your Internet Browser (many come with it today), you will need to go to the Adobe web site, and download and install the reader following the directions given there. See the details at the bottom of this page. After getting the Adobe reader or if you have it already, use this link to get it. Included are these sections:
  • The Directory Preface (4 pages) including listings of officers, educators and certifiers, those who joined the Woodshed Eternal this year, and the members of the AHSOW Hall of Fame.
  • The alphabetized list of all members (16 pages) with first and last names, and the year of joining AHSOW.
  • The directory of members sorted by state and city of residence (16 pages).
CRITICAL NOTE: Do not use the print button on your browser. Rather use the print button in the upper left hand corner of the Adobe Reader panel. Clicking the browser print button may terminate your browser program.

These directories were carefully prepared by Glenn Schilberg using the latest Society online information, so they should be quite accurate. If you find any problems, contact Glenn at

These directories will always be on the web site and may be updated more than once a year, so there is really no need to save or print them unless you want to carry them with you. We hope to add other versions of the directory to provide further aid in finding AHSOW members. Watch this page for further information.

Instructions for getting the Adobe reader.

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