Ambler Farm Steering Committee

The Town of Wilton acquired Ambler Farm in 1999 and agreed that it would restore the farm and assure that it was operated as an example of Wilton's agrarian heritage. To that end, the Town chartered a Steering Committee as its representative to guide the refurbishment of the Farm.

Recently, the Board of Selectman has reconstitued the Steering committee to focus on the remaining major project, the refurbuishment of the White House. This has become possible with the approval of the bonding and the commitment of the Steap grant from the State. The new members are listed below.

Shortly after the first steering committee came together, the Town also encouraged a non-profit organization to form that would operate the farm. This became the Friends of Ambler Farm. See the FOAF Board.

Ann Bell, Chairman

Marie Donahue

Pamela Hovland

Dick Husta

Sam Gardner

Philip Richards

Bob Russell

Scotty Taylor

Carl Yoder

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