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Important Links: In 1999, through the foresight of our Board of Selectmen, and overwhelming taxpayer support, this beautiful 200 year old, 23 acre working farm, was preserved for posterity for the use and enjoyment of all Wilton residents.

In recommending purchase of Ambler Farm for open space, the Selectmen referred to it as "A Wilton treasure." After your visit we are sure you will find this a fitting description.

The mission of Friends of Ambler Farm is to celebrate our community's agrarian roots through active-learning programs, sustainable agriculture, responsible land stewardship, and historic preservation.

While time has taken a toll on grounds and buildings, the enthusiastic participation of town organizations and individual volunteers has resulted in real progress to repair and preserve the beauty, and historic "feel" of this unique town asset.

We hope to help show the local children and adults how Wilton was a farming community in the past: by growing crops in a responsible way and restoring the buildings that were essential to the farm.

We welcome you to Ambler Farm, one of the last working farms in Wilton. Walk back through another time and imagine how it was for those who lived here 200 years ago. We are confident this peaceful place will "turn you on" as it has those who are contributing in so many ways to the preservation of this beautiful piece of our history. Come see us at 257 Hurlbutt Street in Wilton, CT

For further information, send an email to:

or write to us at:
Ambler Farm Steering Committee
c/o Friends of Ambler Farm President
245 Hurlbutt St.
Wilton, CT 06897

or Friends of Ambler Farm
P.O. Box 7442
Wilton, CT 06897

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