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The mission of CCLC is to provide computer learning opportunities to adults. The instructors are experienced teaching adults, so that the sensibilities of the instructors and students are in tune.

Courses begin at the basics - from what everything is called, how it is used to actually using a computer. Then we offer more specific classes that address things like the internet, email, digital camera use, time and money management and more. Each course runs from one to six sessions. Each session is two hours long.

Wilton's Comstock Computer Learning Center is located at 180 School Road in Wilton, CT, the home of Comstock Community Center. The CCLC Program is a part of the Wilton Senior Center and our classes are open to any adult. Neighbors from surrounding communities are welcome.

All CCLC instructors are volunteers and several even began as CCLC students! This program offers folks the opportunity to learn and share what they know about computers in a well-equipped computer lab.

For More Information, contact the CCLC Coordinator, Andrea Ragusa, by dialing (203) 834 6410 or send her an email at

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