Information about the
Westchester Chordsmen


There are several ways to get information about the activities of the Westchester Chordsmen. Please feel free to use any and/or all of these:
  • To find out about becoming a member of the Westchester Chordsmen, see the process description, or send an email to our membership Vice President.

  • To sign up for our SNAIL MAILING LIST, please enter your name, addresses, city, state, zip in the email message that will appear when you CLICK HERE. We will acknowledge your entry quickly.

  • To automatically join our EMAIL LIST for Fans of the Westchester Chordsmen, CLICK HERE. Please include your name addresses, city, state, zip in the email message to be added to our snail mail list. Then just click the send button. You should get a very quick automatic acknowledgement. Note, this is a very limited email list. Only a few messages will be sent a month. Your email address will not be given to any other group to prevent spam. And there will be no attachments, so viruses won't spread.

  • To get information about BOOKING the Westchester Chordsmen for a performance, CLICK HERE. Please include in the email, your contact information and as much information about the particulars as are available. We will respond quickly.

  • For GENERAL INFORMATION, CLICK HERE, and include your questions and contact information in the email message. We will get back to you quickly.
Thank you for contacting the Westchester Chordsmen.

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