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Promoting Expanded Music Education for Every Student in Public Schools, K-12 Across the Country.

    Click here for the 2015 Annual Report.

    Yale '57 Class Initiative and Gifts from our 50th, 55th and 60th reunion

    Click here for the story of Music in Schools at our 60th reunion.

    Click here to find out how to Contribute now to help expand upon our this initiative that initially funded an endowment of $5,000,000 by enhancing our current interworking with the Yale Music School to:
    • Continue development of music programs in the New Haven School District
    • Continue a biennial series of music symposia focused on music education, see below.
    • Support research in music education and teacher development at the School of Music.
    Funding for these initiatives was included in the Class's Fiftieth Reunion Gift. We are looking to enhance this effort with our 60th reunion gift. These initiatives are described in detail in the articles below and the build-up of the project can be viewed in the section About the Project.

    The New Haven School Project

    The project is now in its thirteenth year at Lincoln Bassett elementary school, where music education is being integrated with the school's overall literacy program. The John Daniels School was added to the program after the success at Lincoln-Bassett. All students now receive 2 hours of music education per week, where previously they received 30 minutes per week. Sponsored by the Class and the Yale School of Music, the program has been well received, the School District is heavily involved, and the program is a major positive note in town/gown relations. Several visiting professors funded by our endowment have stimulated music school students participation in the effort. See several years of programs in the New Haven School District. A recent article at the bottom of the first page covers this program in detail.

    Music Symposium

    The School of Music plans the fifth two day symposium on music education in June 2015. Click here for the details.

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