Yale 1957 Class Project

Music In Schools

Fifth International Symposium on Music
Education in Public Schools, 2015

Yale Distinguished Music Education Partnership Awards

The fifth biennial Music in Schools Symposium took place on June 4-7, 2015. Thirty-five public school music educators representing many states were chosen from all the completed applications. They are paired with outside organizations that directly support their teaching effort. Both the teacher and one representative from the corresponding outside group will be invited to the symposium.
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The Symposium is one of the major efforts of the School of Music that has been created thanks to the support of the Yale College Class of 1957, who funded an Endowment to provide services to the New Haven Public Schools, and to allow the school of music to have a national influence on music education.

One of the Keynote speakers was Joanne Lipman who recently wrote a major article for the Wall Street Journal that answers many of the questions our Class was interested in when we started this project. It focuses on the impact of music education on the general scholastic results of grammar schools students, showing that many did better in all subjects as a result of music education. See her article by clicking here.

Below are pictures from the three day Symposium. Click on any small picture to see a larger sized version.

The Thursday Night initial get together.

The Friday Sessions, Dinner, and Concert

The Saturday Sessions and Awards Dinner

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