Frankly Scarlet

Membership Process

  • Registration: $6.00 for registration and miscellaneous expenses. Download a membership information form by clicking here.

  • We do hope that you will enjoy this new adventure and become a member of this fascinating group of ladies.

  • For those over fifty, if you don’t have a red hat, keep looking you will find just the perfect one for you. Purple is not easy to find this time of year but maybe at a thrift shop or second hand store. Try Goodwill or Turnover Shop or the Thrift store in Norwalk. You may even find a hat at one of these places.

  • For those yet to reach fifty, you wear Pink Hats and Lavender Dresses. Pink Hatters, please keep us posted as to when you turn 50 so that we can celebrate a “reduation”.


For Further Information, send an email to:
The Red Hat Information Port
download membership information form.
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